All Black Err-thang!!!

All Black Errthang! Heehee, It sounds kind of silly right? It's the name I chose for my Pinterest board inspired by the color black. When I say the title I use my hip-hop rap voice, even when I say it in my mind. 

In the world of fashion and personal style black however is the most complimentary color for every silhouette and skin tone. Its our staple monochromatic palette and a I need a chic and quick resolution because I'm having one of those days kinds of color! Its present in every collection, and known as the basic or staple color. But did you know some argue that black is not an actual color? I personally call it the neutralizer or my zero color. Its crisp, clean and buttoned up. Like a good men's tuxedo. Perfect!

I love finding inspiration in black and white photography, textures, typography and so much more. Rather than just share a photo of myself I'm giving you a glance into some of my fave pics inspired by the color black.

My Niece Aniya Jones
I Mean Its Chanel

 My Original Black & White Sketches

Feel the Vibes
(L.) The Boss- Diana Ross & Michael Jackson  (R.) James Brown

Mademoiselle Grace Jones