The Beauty of Breaking Bread: #BLMeetUpLA

A few years back someone showed me the beauty of breaking bread with others. Think about it, history has taught us through various cultures that the process of preparing a meal and gathering together is strategic and requires care and commitment. Different tribes and/ or neighbors each bring something to the sharing table for the ritual of passing, giving, serving, and receiving one to another. Starting to see the beauty!!!
A "Love" note | Susie Cakes Bakery | A quick ice breaker

This past Saturday I had the pleasure of sitting at the Bloggers Like Me sharing table for an LA Meet Up. We were all representing our different tribes; fashion, lifestyle, hair, design, media, marketing and more. The layers of our beautiful experience kept unfolding as our similarities revealed themselves. There were some mommies, entrepreneurs, some broken-hearted, some overcomers, and a student. But we were all students... to each others lives, experiences, knowledge, spirit. We showed up eager, excited, and open. We left fulfilled, empowered, welcomed, and charged. Thank you ladies you are treasure.

Top Andree | Prescilla | LaShon Bottom: Kim | Natalie

The lesson I've learned about breaking bread is its the perfect setting for all occassions, celebrating, meeting, apologizing, and comforting. Don't you think so?

We brunched at Marmalade Cafe. I had the White Corn Chilequilles

BLMgirls Andree ( LifeNotes ) and Jana'e Holmes (Naturally Curly Kinky )

Me and Leslie ( Fashion DuJuor Daily) Those mini Polaroids are too cute!

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love