DVF The Greatest Wrapper

I originally intro'd the story for DVF: Journey of A Dress as it was first being leaked to the media. Since, I've attended the fun and flirty show with #sweetlilbabyhayden and gal-pal Lianca Lyons in tow. 
As you enter you're greeted by the hot pink foyer bookmarking notable women in variations of prints and shapes of the dresses, photos of life inside her working studios, and of course her famous Warhol portrait. As Lianca and I grazed the installation we chatted about fashion of course, boys, New York, and life in general. I love great conversation, its stimulating and always leads to food!
The more I read and learn about DVF the more I fall in love. The now 67 years young designer is still celebrating the birthday and success of her worldwide adored wrap dress in a full hot pink and prints exhibition at the Wilshire May Company Building in Los Angeles, Ca. 
Her spirit reads of a woman who is clear about her life, direct with her intentions, and sure of her style. She's confident and independent in a way that derives from experience and not out of rebellion. She is seasoned. 
I love this type of woman. 
I feel an air of fearlessness as I have researched her. I'm sure its 50% innate, and the other a combination of being well traveled, becoming a princess, and perhaps due to the fact her iconic wrap dress sold over 3 million units in its first year. 

of course her success and fairytale isn't short of naysayers. Early on she believed she wasn't "really a designer", or that her dress would ever be important. However, her bulls eye instincts of what women want to wear has leaned into hotel designs, beauty products, and an uber successful collection she designed exclusively for QVC called Silk Assets in 1991.

The Belgium Princess' affair with textiles began when she worked for Angelo Ferretti a textile manufacturer while she was engaged, pregnant, and moving to America, sound familiar! Textiles have become apart of her design signature in bold and colorful prints.

The Facts:
1. The wrap dress was inspired by the wrap top ballerinas wear over their tutu.
2. This photo has hung on Tom Fords inspiration board for more than 20 years, its on my board as well!
3. The Wrap Dress hangs in the Smithsonian
4. DVF's first fragrance was named Tatiana after her daughter.
5. DVF is the current president of the CFDA

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Do you own a Wrap dress? I have a poly jersey in a solid hot pink. What color is yours? Is it full length, 3/4 sleeve, we want to know?
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