A Fresh Coat In The New Studio

Crisp + Clean + Creative

I gave myself two weeks off to make the transition into our new place and semi get myself set up.  I'd hope to get all of the painting completed before we started moving anything in and before getting back to work.

Thanks to a few friends I managed to get my drapes up in all the rooms and some paint on the walls in the studio. Though, my miniature IKEA step stool has kept me from finishing the borders on the ceiling.

I'm glad I was able to at least dress the walls in the studio. I chose A325-B "Safflower". It leans towards so many wonderful notes of inspiration. Its bright and charming, modern yet shabby chic. Its playful, dainty, and happy! Plus it makes for a great background to my samples.

I'm very excited to finish this space and share the big reveal. In the meantime here are a few of inspirational pics to give you a better idea of the moment I'm creating.

color palette: safflower | burlap | gold | black | white

The Elements:
1. Branding is everything. I can't wait til my new logo and metallic circles arrive. #WallArt

2. The Frame Work

Crisp, sharp, and clean is the totality of my vision.  Black and white, my zero colors, create the frame work of making any space tidy and more importantly finished.  

For me strong elements of black are reminiscent of a tuxedo.  Its sexy, sophisticated and exquisitely tailored.

The use of white has everything to do with my OCD and germ-a-phobic tendencies. Its breezy clean mood reminds me of fresh linen, Sunday mornings, and open windows on sunny days. 

3. Organization

Shelves are a must, with white storage boxes in various sizes are great for housing, trim, zippers, stationary, and thread. 

4. Sparkle | Charm | Glow
The unexpected whimsical layers of colors, textures, trinkets, pictures, stationary and my grandmothers vintage pieces that reveal the colorful parts of me. 

These and more pics of creativity can be found on my Pinterest boards.

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love

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