#17 Weeks: No Name and No Sex

My avocado sized, sexless, nameless bambino and I are doing great! We're not the type of parents that can stand the anticipation of not knowing what we're having. either we're too nosey, or really excited. Personally I want to know so I can commit my heart to him or her. As of now its about 50-50 on the sex between our family and friends. I'm getting the, "What are you having... what do you want?" questions. A part of me feels guilty if what I want isn't what we actually have. Nonetheless, I pray for a healthy and happy baby. 

Now officially into my second trimester, I thank God my first trimester was
a bit of a breeze, considering I didn't find out I was baking my bundle of joy until I was 10 weeks. I had no morning sickness and any exhaustion I had, I equated it to my iron deficiency. I haven't had any re-occurring cravings but I could pretty much eat everything in sight.

Most people tell me, "Go for it. You're eating for two. Enjoy it while you can."  Oh how  I wish I could and it were that simple. I mean who wouldn't want a free pass to grub! As much I want to, I mean really want to, I know better. I have complete faith that the health of the baby and I are in Christs hands. But I need to do my part. Along with my prenatal vitamins, I'm on iron pills. Coupled with my regular a.m. walks I do with alternating weight exercises my energy has been great. I definitely have to monitor my carbs and sweets though, I was 20 lbs up on my regular weight when I found out I was pregnant. Since, I've only gained 4 lbs within the last seven weeks. So my pregnant binges are limited and meticulously monitored.

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love

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