ThinkThursday I The Journey of DVF & Wrap Dresses

              ...Within 3 years (1973-1976) Diane Von Furstenberg sold five million wrap dresses!!!!!

If you can, allow your mind to roll back to the 1970's. By this time women had entered the workforce. In all attempts to ditch the Joan Clever housewife persona and be taken seriously, the common the attire leaned towards menswear. Remember this was the era of polyester, bell bottoms, and leisure two or three piece suits. Hippy Chic, if you will.

Enter Belgian born designer, Diane, formerly princess of Furstenberg with her one piece, silk, or synthetic jersey knit wrap dress. Her answer to the equation; women + work + the desire for femininity. The flattering v-neckline and side tie that falls perfectly at the slope of the waistline. Add her now signature prints, bold colors, and the perfect size run.

More than 40 years later, DVF, the brand and the woman are both iconic.

I remember when I purchased my, DVF wrap dress from a vintage store in California. It's a collarless jersey knit style in hot pink. Its definitely one of those pieces that I'll archive partially for myself and for continued design inspiration.

As a designer, one dreams of that moment where design meets necessity on a global scale. Only a few have been able to do it, and do it so well.

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love