#Talk Tuesday: #TheHaydensAreComing


Its interesting, this is a behind-the-seams blog. Its purpose is to show my work and process, as well as some of my personal interests. Yet I am torn with what and how much of my personal self I should give. I have no problem sharing my love story with food, soulful music, art, and of course fashion history. But I am truly private and protective when it comes to the goings-on in life! I'm sure it makes for interesting and relate-able conversation. The idea that its forever searchable, link-able, accessible on this world-wide-web... that's kind of spooky to me. 

Nonetheless, I am still willing to attempt to share... some things... a few things... baby steps!

I'm so blessed the things that are happening in my #JesusYear #33 are definitely worth writing about. I got engaged. In December my fiance and I found out we will be welcoming a #sweetlilbabyHayden (that's our last name) in July. Oh my goodness I'm going to be someone's parent!!! Aside from my custom business my girlfriend and I opened an online jewelry boutique, The Pink Studs

With all of this, a wedding ceremony will have to wait! I decided that I will take my maternity leave mid June. Which gives me 5 months to complete six custom projects, move to our new place, move and set-up my home studio, and plan a baby shower.

I can handle the work stuff, but I am definitely soliciting baby tips and tricks. So please share!
I'll be sharing this journey also via Instagram (@ilovecollins) via #sweetlilbabyHayden & #TheHaydensAreComing

I know I've put this on the blog before, but hey I told you it was my theme song. Enjoy!