What's in a name? Just Call Me Love Collins

What's really in a name??

A while back I said I would share the story of how the name "Love" came to be. Its really simple. The summer I graduated from high school, I was on the phone with my friend, Lauren "Daisy" Lewellyn. We were both set to attend Howard University in the fall. #HU #GOAT #GreatestOfAllTime We were so excited, I mean too excited. Leaving California, living on our own, embarking on our love affair with fashion. It is a moment to remember.

Anxiously anticipating what college life was going to be like, our opportunities were truly endless. With our greatest inspirations Lauren's older sister KiKi who is a Howard alum and the hit TV show, A Different World, we knew we had to make an impression. We toyed with ideas and Lauren asked, "What if we had different names?"
Thank goodness for fashion evolution!! This pic is terrible on so many levels but it is so special too.
Spring Black Arts Festival Fashion Show
(l to r) Daisy, Love, designer Nicole Fisher, and the late Cortni Tuck. Thank you Nic & Cort.

Now getting our feet wet in fashion around campus and in the local D.C. area, the two bright eyed, quirky good time gals from California were jokingly and warmly welcomed as Love and Daisy by our fashion cohorts and campus pals. With no real intention of people taking us seriously it stuck!

I know for sure that there is usually some method to my creative madness. I knew, even back then, that the word LOVE was something to aspire to. It is the essence of our Creator and the purpose in which we are here. It is a great challenge. Sometimes I don't quite live up to its richness and beauty and other times I am a #Champion!

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love