Custom Bridal Design The Love Collins Way

Sometimes people will bless us with kind words and simply we'll reply, "thank you". Not knowing that in essence they are speaking life to what is later to be birthed. More than a dozen times people have told me, "Your gift will make room for you". Those words enrich me every time I hear them. They encourage me when I forget the weight of the gift I'm packing and even when I can't navigate my next steps. 

When I think about those words, I have to acknowledge three things. 1. This gift was given to me. 2. This gift is bigger than me. 3. This gift will lead me. 

I can remember being very resistant to the bridal market. Though I love the whimsy and fantasy of Vera Wang, Marchesa, and Monique Lhullier, I was completely rebellious to the idea of continuously creating a princess ball gown. But isn't it funny how life will lead us... if you allow it to! (Oh yes I did, just compare my work to the top bridal designers.) more

I have found my own unique way of making a woman's fantasy come alive with my custom bridal gowns and the experience of building them. My closed fittings, no picture inspiration necessary design approach allows me the opportunity to really connect with my brides complete range of desires. 

My favorite moments include; the moment they select the dress sketch, the first time they step into the dress, and of course on their wedding day. I have been afforded the privilege to dress my brides and share those tense yet quiet still moments right before they become a Mrs. Its priceless. Its forever stamped in my heart, and I get to do over and over again. That's a beautiful space to operate my gift. I love that!
I recently heard someone say, "How much resistance you feel is in direct proportion to the weight of the call we are supposed to fulfill." I'd like to leave those words with you. Resistance which is fear, has a sneaky way of masking itself in different forms; excuses, laziness, a lack of money, resources and on and on. I can confess many times I have allowed resistance to keep my gift from leading me. However it is my confession of faith that, my gift is making room for me!

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love

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