The Christmas Eve Battle of The Sexes Dance Off

Back in 2004 my family started a battle of the sexes dance off. The guys took the crown, and this Christmas was the girls chance for redemption!!! With new dance crew names, a different city and a few additional dancers added to the mix this is how it went down... Trailer and video courtesy of @ELStylesLA and iMovie.

After an intense round of "rock - paper - scissors" it was time for the boys, "The Ooo-ooo's", to take the stage. (Crew: @egyptianlover @kendallJLB @_KLuv_ @_Kb4_Tgun Micah, Bartolo, Judah, Robert, Bryce, and Harlem)

Next up, "Team Boom Kick". We let the babies pick the name!! (Crew: @ilovecollins @ELStylesLA @OhJazzy Alandria, Kimberly, Aleska, Terrell, Melanie, Erika, Alexis, Imani, Sasha-Marie)

According to the audience and the girls, Team Boom- Kick took the crown. The Ooo-ooo's being poor sports about losing their title cried for a sudden death dance off. A two-on-two battle, no rehearsal, no routines, no time to practice. Lets get ready to rumble!!!
In the end and thanks to sudden death, the boys remain champions of the family battle of the sexes dance off. But you decide. In the comments section let me know which crew you think was the best. 
What are some of your favorite family holiday memories?

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love