OWNing Up To The Hype...

Who: Opah Winfrey
What: Bazaar Magazine November Issue
Wear: Suit Escada, Shirt Carolina Herrera, Earrings Cartier

"What was missing..."
Orpah Winfrey reflects on her jump from reigning daytime talk show queen to freshman cable network owner, in BAZAAR Magazines Daring issue. For fans and followers we were expecting a seamless transition from spending 1 hour with Oprah, to having access to her 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Seems simple right?! But even for Ms. O, whose business is synonymous with success, something was still missing... her! As we have seen more programming has been developed to reflect and compliment the note she ended her award winning show on.

As you know I've been away from the blog for a few months now.  Doing a bit of transitioning myself, into the new design studio, I too was feeling like something was missing from the blog and it was. Me. I hadn't given up any access to Love Collins, the designer, the creator. You'll notice a few changes in the layout but more eagerly I hope you will notice the changes in the content. I am pushing myself to expose my journey in design and inspiration through the colors + shapes + textures of my life. I hope  you enjoy the display.

 Oprah on what it means to be daring,"... coming to the edge. Seeing the space between where I am and where I want to go. It's pretty wide! But having the faith to take the leap anyway and knowing that no matter where you land, it's going to be okay."

Are you challenging yourself? Do you need to vest a little more of yourself into your latest project? Share your thoughts on how you can or are being daring.