Sign On the Dotted Line

Dear Lovelies,

I have been waiting to share this tidbit of news with you. As of this week I have officially moved my very small and humble operation to its first official studio. Yayy, spirit fingers!!! I will now be living out my cut and sew dreams in the View Park/ Windsor Hills area of Los Angeles (Inglewood/ Culver City). 
For those of you that aren't familiar, I am a custom clothing designer and freelance stylist. (see snapshots below) The blog however is an exercise of pleasure.  
The dream and beauty of expanding my business has just taken another step #forward. I am mentally consumed with color swatches, wall treatments and shelving. Hmm, should I paint, use wall paper, decals?  Lucite or wood, lacquered or matte finish? So many decisions and I am amped for the task.  I can't wait to share with you the finished and final product.

I am apart of a group called #BLMgirls (Bloggers Like Me). Beatrice Clay, a fellow blogging gal challenged us to 31Days + 31Photos + 31Stories. Each day has been given a specific word. We're to capture a photo that best reflects that word and write 1 word, 2 sentences, 3 pages, or 6 words that best describe your photo/ The overall intent is to create fun, beauty and magic through out daily routine and share it. I've chose this moment because I feel it best reflects my ins & outs, my comings & goings.

Day 1 #self-portrait  ( I opted for the 6 word challenge)
Work Hard + Set Goals + Accomplish + Move #Forward.   

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love