Brave Inspiration

Tales from a Disney Fairytale

Dear Lovelies,

Trying to get a still shot from an animated 3D movie while in a dark theatre is next to impossible. But somehow, someway, thanks to my obsession with big billowy locks... mission accomplished.  

Along with my cousin Kimberly, we packed up her family "bus" to take her two oldest little tike's to see  Disney Pixar's latest animated craze, Brave. Like most Disney movie trailers they do a great job at capturing my attention. I always seem to have that moment where I think,"Yeah, I would see that." 

At first glimpse I was mesmerized by Merida's bright tresses. The combination of spirals and body waves, whipping in the wind, "Le sigh"!!! If you've happened to catch a peak at my Pinterest board "Hair-ee Situation" you have a better understanding why I am #totallyobsessed. 

If your not a natural hair girl, more than that, a naturally curly hair girl than you might not understand the woes of maintenance we must undertake. First day wash, shine, moisture, endless split ends. Yikes! It is a timeless bittersweet love affair. At times an instant connection with the curly haired girl next to you is sparked. A definite icebreaker and topic of conversation.  Other times seeing someone with acutely coiffed coils may leave you covetous. We all want those kinds of curls! When spotted the obvious questions go through your mind. Did she just wash? What product did she use? Is that your natural curl pattern? Do you twist or braid?

Hair fiends unite and press on. One day we will reach our personal pinnacle of hair perfection. Until then, we will continue to deep condition, share tips, and fawn over each others pics.

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love

I added this pick just to show how hard it was to get a good shot. Plus my phone doesn't have a flash feature on it.