A Little Swiss in LA... Icelink Hits Melrose

Last week when you were in Tokyo didn't you wish you knew what time it was in New York...

Who: IceLink
What: Flagship Boutique Opening
Wear: 6 Time zones on one wrist

I scurried down Melrose Ave for the press preview of the  Swiss luxury jewelry brand IceLink's gorgeous boutique opening.  The not so traditional jewelry boutique boasts glitz amongst a harwood Spanish frame. Their second story plays host to industry events, private viewing parties, and more in a lush garden outdoor comes indoor environment. Faux grass included!

But there is nothing faux, fake, or phony about the brands collection. From design to quality to luxury, IceLink, has found a way to solidify themselves as a well-to-do brand most notably by their patented 6 Time zone watch face. Inspired by the global traveller, the well cultured, and the exclusive set, the timepieces embody the exuberance of an LA lifestyle with Swiss workmanship. A perfect fusion!