Words: Passion & Pleasure

"My passion is fashion, but food is my pleasure. The difference and the understanding of the two is both clear and necessary."

A while has passed since I have been able to cook lunch. I made a fresh marinade. Garlic, olive oil, dill, basil, paprika, sea salt, and black pepper. I marinated the beautifully potent mix over my vegan meat, charred two tortilla shells, and voila the most aromatic vegan tacos I've ever had the "pleasure" to make and eat. I hit play on the DVR, to finally watch Eat Pray Love, and take a much needed break.

Maybe thirty, forty minutes into the movie I experienced two moments of self awareness. The first, a scene between Julia Roberts and Viola Davis, which I will share in a later post. The latter scene, which resulted with the quote above, took place in Italy while Julia's character is at the barber with her Italian tutor. A man interrupts their conversation and says, "Americans know entertainment, but you don't know pleasure." Mmmhmm! So true... to an extent. While I will not agree or confine this statement to Americans alone, I completely agree that it is the result of individuals who aimlessly coast day to day, task to task, and on to the next one. Which I know I have been guilty of. But where is  the experience? The colors, the smell, the memories, the sound, the life? 

Our passions are innate. The source from which they flow go hand in hand with our very existence. They intuitively move us forward. Its force can at times become intimidating. It is understanding that leads us to completion and fulfillment. Without passion their is no existence, no inner, deeper, knowing of self and no living, loving, and connecting with others. And I know this for sure. From the first time I sketched my first top and skirt it was clear what I was going to do. The indescribable emotion I felt made it necessary. I had to do it again, feel it again, create it again. and I knew I had whole lot of it. (Ha, and so the journey and conflict of self began. Hello caller!!!!) 

Pleasure on the other hand is different. It is, in my silly little almost thirty two year old mind, the ability to indulge in the moment. Let me explain. I once shunned the idea of slaving over a hot stove. Then I began to watch the Food Network. True story.

I first loved the network because I thought it was very well put together. The line-up of shows, the set design, the different types of characters and their various genres of foods. If you've watched then you know what I mean. Then I got hungry! As they simmered and sauteed I salivated. I was highly intrigued and watched to the point I became a chef. I did what they did and used what they used. Lemon, sea salt, olive oil, cilantro, parsley, fresh, fresh, fresh. I found pleasure in turning asparagus the brightest of greens in boiling water. Feeling the grit of sea salt as I pinch it over caramelized onions. Adding warm spicy curry to fluffy cous cous. From the point of picking the ingredients to each and every bite, I am engulfed and completely engaged. I watched renowned chefs share their passions to the point where it became my pleasure to taste their world.

You see both passion and pleasure may bring about similar reactions or adjectives like satisfaction. But for me they serve separate and essential functions. When I have those moments of intimidation because I may not be able to visualize the end of a design, or I'm not able to see my next steps, I have to stop and step away. The pleasures of life give us moments of peace and clarity. The same ingredients I incorporate in design, color + shape + texture, I find in food plus smell and taste... oooh and with pleasure!  

Now you can understand a little more why this blog is part fashion, part food, part music, part art. Titled "Totally Obsessed". I have many pleasures, and other passions. But watching that movie, which I paused to write this, gave me so much clarity. I was becoming one of "those Americans". I was being entertained but living without pleasure, day to day, task to task, and on to the next one...

And so I journey on. But mark my words, the day and the time you read this, somethings bigs ah brewing!

 Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love