Lunch @ Smeraldi's

The infamous Kobe Burger at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel
Who: Carol Shaw & Associates
What: Planning Meeting
Where: Smeraldi's at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel 

This may be a bit much to say and I am quite sure that burger was moist, flavorful and cooked to perfection. But i cannot imagine that log of meat sitting in my stomach. I can appreciate a chefs culinary technique, to the best of my understanding, and even the meats rare cut. But I have to draw the line at some point. That line just happens to be digestion...
 So the bountiful burger and sweet potato fries goes to my aunt/ mentor Carol Shaw, also known as Ms. "CJ's Elegance". The successful women's boutique she's owned and operated for over 40 years in the View Park/ Windsor Hills area of Los Angeles. In addition to that she interior design, wedding planning, is a representative for Women for Obama, and recently opened "CJ's @ Home". A concept store featuring home furnishings, art, gifts, and an eclectic mix of goodies.

So many visits to the shop have brought us to this point. Planning a wedding over lunch at the Biltmore Hotel. I passed on the "meatball" and opted for the salad and pasta bar.

I sometimes enjoy the combination of something chilled and something warm in one meal.
I nibbled on shrimp salad, shrimp cocktail, white asparagus, and blackberries. The blackberries were a bit random, but they were so plump and juicy.
I loved the colors, and the aroma, of these marinated mushrooms. 
At the pasta bar:
spinach fettuccine + tomato sauce + scallops & shrimp+ mushrooms + fresh garlic + heavy cilantro + heavy olive oil + parmigiano reggiano