Foodies: PIPS

What: Lunch with the ladies
Where:  1356 S. La Brea Ave Los Angeles, Ca 90019

It's getting closer and closer to the wedding that I am helping my aunt/mentor plan. After our cake design meeting we stopped for lunch at PIPS restaurant.  We managed to miss the lunch rush and beat the dinner crowd and were able to enjoy the indoor outdoor restaurant to ourselves. Which ended up working out great for our conversation. Imagine the possibilities to glean from two seasoned mature women who are rich in the experiences of life. For the most part I did a lot of listening, receiving, thinking. I chimed in where appropriate, but I was quite content being a student to their life lessons.

(l to r ) Our client Kathy Rice and my aunt Carol Shaw

Of course the bonus is always being able to break bread. And that we did! I always end up saying, "I'm not supposed to be eating any carbs", and yet the fate of that line always gets the better of me.

I could have passed on the bread, but when I saw fresh crushed garlic in the olive oil... hold the balsamic and slide me the parmesan and pepper.
Paisano Salad (their signature salad)
mixed greens + cucumber + fresh tomatoes + candied walnuts + Romano cheese + grapes + apples

Spinach Salad
baby spinach + fresh tomatoes + bacon + feta + chopped egg + candied walnuts + arugula  

Half & Half Pizza

Veggie:  marinara + mozzarella + mushrooms + Roma tomatoes + bell peppers  + black olives + onions +  fresh spinach + ricotta cheese + herbs 

Pepperoni: marinara + mozzarella + pepperoni + oregano

Of course I can't just eat a slice as is. I added a drizzle of olive oil and a flurry of parmesan. bon apetit!

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love