My Clothing Calendar

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Dear Lovelies,

I must confess I am a repeat offender! I am, and I have no shame about it. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I have been doing it for so long or the fact that I really enjoy my clothes. In a minute I will put on the same pair of jeans or a dress that makes me feel really great. I will more than likely do a remix, but at times I have wondered “Did I wear this the last time I saw so-and so?” I probably did, and still put the outfit on. Listen if it works, it works. I am a firm believer in wearing clothes not storing them.
In the course of thirty days it’s amazing the amount of outfits we can come up with. Add a sweater, change a belt, swap a pair shoes, and Voila Presto-Chango new outfit. When you were a kid it may have been your favorite polyester lavender ruffled princess dress with the plastic wand. Perhaps it was your Superman cape that you tried to put over every outfit and tuck into your uniform shirt so you could wear it to school. Nevertheless we sometimes have emotional attachments to some of our favorite clothes. For the sake of not wearing it over and over, and in the exact same way, a cool way to keep up with your wardrobe is to journal about it.

Remember how you watched Cher and Dion on Clueless go through her virtual closet and wished you had that same type of luxury? 

Well is the social networking site created by New Jersey based hubby and wife duo Matthew and Andrea Wolkofsky. 

The site allows the same experience as the spoiled rich girls, of course minus the revolving closet. Its fantastic and so simple to use. You can now journal your wardrobe, your outfits, where you wore them and with whom. How cool is that and it’s free! Yes totally and completely free. (Having an aha moment yet?) Upload your pictures and create your own red carpet moments. The site which isn’t even a year old yet has gained a large following. Check it out. 

Totally Obsessed, xoxo