"Dae Shootin... Ahhh Made Ya Look!!!"

Just in case I go postal!

Who: The Crew
What: Shots Fired!!
Where: LAX Firing Range
(l to r.)
Nikki, Amy, Love, Melanie, Michael aka Giuseppe
We headed down to the LAX Firing Range just for kicks.  The place was packed. I'm sure a few of the couples there were on on dates, too!

 It is an interesting environment to take in. From the viewing window I kept thinking, "At any point someone could go crazy in here." Surprisingly, the security level is lower than expected. I kept requesting a monitor to go with us. I thought it was very awkward to allow first time rangers to be left alone. Plus, they skipped the safety and security video you're supposed to watch, but we made it. 
To be honest this place was actally a little scary. "But once you get that cold steel in your hands, 

Everyone in the building stayed strapped!

Ok people get it together. we ended up taking the entire right end. We had purses, wraps, jackets, and way too many target sheets.

Sharp Shootah!
My headphones were cute, but they did nothing to prevent the ringing in your ear once you leave. It takes a minute to get adjusted to the sound and the vibration of the shots when first walking into the shooting area.

Check out my video below. 

Ok I'm reloaded!!!!!
We shot a glock and a smith and wesson caliber. I hope I'm saying that right. 

Bulls Eye!!

(Above) Nikki (l.)slaughters zombie Paris Hilton, while  Melanie (r.) was saving lives.
(Below) Amy took out Paris and her Pooch.
Giuseppe and the Butcher

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Totally Obsessed xoxo Love