#Foodies: Simply Salad Custom Greens

What: Mixed Greens, 65 Toppings, 25 Dressings - Endless Options
Where: 645 W. 9th Street LA CA 90015

I am big on salad No matter how I mix it, I usually apply the same combination. Dark green leaves + something grilled +something sweet + something crunchy + oil based dressing. 

This is my second go round at Simply Salad, the dried cherries and the caramelized onions are what brought me back.

Owners and buddies, Cameron Lewis and Bruce Teichman, mutually agreed that salads were the perfect fix to ending the common workday lunchtime food coma, caused by easy to grab and over processed foods. Thanks to LA's popularity for fresh fit food, the duo have now opened their second location, still offering customized and signature salads, homemade soups, and fresh drinks. 

Another Pro for me, they chop your salad for you!!!!! I carefully take the time to select items that will give me the ultimate flavor experience, and I want that in every bite. Plus, no more big leafy awkward salad moments. 

Step 1: Choose your greens
Step 2: Choose your toppings
Step 3:  Choose your Dressing
Choose light, medium, or heavy dressing. Gotta love options!!!
A whisk and voila!

Lunch is served
Grilled shrimp, double grilled corn, avocado, caramelized onions,dried cherries, cherry tomatoes. Dressed with low fat pesto vinaigrette medium).

I passed on my something crunchy and the complimentary bread. Although these pita chips and housemade seasoned croutons had me on the fence.

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love