ArtTalks: Happy 2 Years PIA

(r) Artist Kenturah Davis stamped drawing "mother Mother"
(l) Artist Michelle Robinson's "Reject/ Embrace"

Who: Be Beautiful Project
What: Installation Closing & Pre- Coachella Kick-off Party
Where: P.I.A Papillion Institute of Art Gallery
@jazzakai and I beat the storm and headed downtown to the P.I.A. gallery for the installation closing of the "Be Beautiful Project"and the pre Coachella kick-off party. I managed to dodge the scrumptious mini red velvet cupcakes and opted to burn some calories while moving my kaboose to @ShafiqHusayn and the entire Dove Society Collective.

"She is fire. She is earth. She is water. She is air."

to see more pics from the "Be Beautiful project" go to:

The Belle of the Ball
Gallery Owner/Curator Michelle Papillion
Happy 2 year Anniversary!!!!!
She glowed with excitement and accomplishment while explaining how a weekend trip to D.C. and an idea to open a gallery brought her to this moment.

"I'll just be over here cleaning... and sangin in the background!"
-Tisha Campbell (Martin Lawrence Show)

Preston all Smiles
Jasmine congratulating Michelle

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love