#NP: Tom Jones+Vid You Gotta See This

Because its Friday and you have just a few more hours left of work!!!

Artist: Tome Jones
Song: I Who Have Nothing, Live
Originally by Shirley Bassey

The #10 Reasons why this song/ video is jamming

  1. At the beginning of the video Tom Jones misses his cue to sing trying to show off his outfit.
  2. Within the first 16 seconds he is getting his freak on.
  3. Because I want that entire outfit!
  4. No matter how funky that baseline is, Tom Jones still turns into a Vegas show tune.
  5. Its actually kinda sexy!!!
  6. At around 1:54 he winds up his arm to do the freak!!! He did it too.
  7. He is serious
  8. By now, all you can hear in your head is, "IIIIIIIhhhhh"
  9. I've watched too many times and each time I laugh.
  10. The youtube comments said this is the best version
I just made your day... i know. no need to thank me!!!!

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love