#NP: Happy Birthday Bobby

Happy Birthday!!!

Artist: Bob Marley and The Wailers
Song: Mellow Mood
Album: Mellow Mood
Lyric: "Mellow mood has got me, let the music rock me"

Hands down one of my favorite songs. Its got a slow, romantic vibe to it. 

I was but a young "tenderoni" when I was first introduced and fell in love Bob Marley. His dark thick eye brows, deep set eyes, and those naughty dreads. I was smitten. Then the music rocked and stayed with me. In my own ways I incorporated his spirit into my teenage years. First things first, I went "au naturale" with my hair, and said no to perms. I entertained the thought of locks, until I remembered how much I love a good slick back bun. 

I was able to satisfy my bohemian urges in other ways, mainly my wardrobe. It was the loudest form of expression. One Christmas, I think I was about 13 or 14, I wore a blush pink organza neckerchief, with a brushed suede sleeveless blouse, and chocolate brown stretch corduroy bell bottoms with no shoes. My mom urged me to at least take a pair of shoes with me... just in case! 

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love
Bob Marley

legendary reggae singer * songwriter * musician