Fela. Can you Feel It, Yay-YEah!

Who: Fela Kuti
What: The Musical
Wear: A Movement to Music

Thee most vivid movements meet thee most vivid personality in Fela The Musical. Although I was a tad late and watched the opening sequence outside of the theatre it did not take away from the shows overall impact.
Beginning to end you are captivated by the energy of the "Afrobeats".

The music, the stage, the costume, the moves, and the story are equally VIBRANT and PROFOUND.

The storyline is set in "The Shrine", the affectionate name of Kuti's late 70's club. Here Kuti not only developed the sound he calls, "Afrobeat" but its his personal platform to display the openly corrupt and repressive dictatorship of the era. A vigilant for civil justice in his beloved Lagos, Nigeria, Kuti sings of his personal trials, his country's cry, and the unjust death of his mother, all to syncopated rhythmic drums, sexy saxophones and trumpets. The afrobeat fuses a global sound and the story a global message of civility.

The Man Fela Anikulapo Kuti

The Cast
Fela and the Queens
I wish that a class was being held with these dancers. Any art form of dance puts me in a state of amazement. The strength and the agility of a dancer is desirable. I wanted to hop on that stage to try and mimic every bah-tee-roll (body roll). This level of popping and gyrating was not something you can pick up in a club, unless you happen to be in the Caribbean somewhere. The movements were sharp, hard, and fast. I kept thinking how are they moving their feet and their knees that fast. Whoa! It is  absolutely 100% emotionally captivating.

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love

Have you seen it? What are your feelings