#CountryChristmas Part II

Welcome to Knoxville, TN

Around Knoville I was able to see what there city life was like. A few new buildings are sprinkled amongst charming restored and original buildings.
 This is the house for one of the cities founding fathers.

We stopped for a bite to eat.
(above) The face of a man getting dusted in "Words with Friends"
(below) Me basking in my cleverness. Peep the animal print tam #TotallyObsessed

Its time for more thrifting!!! 
Hot Horse Vintage 
108 E. jackson Ave, Knoxville TN 37915

I noticed between Knoxville and Clinton there a lot of vintage and second hand chain stores. There were at least three GoodWill's in one area. Overall I made it to five different stores.

I spotted this store as we drove through an area called "OldTown/ OldCity" Knoxville. Glad we stopped, I was able to pick up a few goodies... The vintage consignment shop is a combination of clothing, records, instruments, light bites, furniture, and accessories, etc. 

The back of the store houses consignment vintage for men and women with a few extras.

In an open suitcase $1 uncut vintage Vogue & Butterick patterns. Score!!

The man and his music. This John Coltrane is a great find. 

At one point while I was shopping in the back I think I heard Craig playing the guitars.

"Shawty what cho name is" Denim Trench coat circa 1970. I also picked up a denim dress for myself. Maybe we'll wear them on the same day, go to Magic Mountain, and take some pictures!!! #OldSchool

I left a little bit of love in Knoxville

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love

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