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Who: Ben Wills @IBenWills
What: Editor/ Stylist 
Wear: The TomGirlie

The saying is, "Behind every great man, is a great woman". But behind The Well Dressed Man, is @IBenWills. a Kentucky native who ditched the derby for a well traveled life. Studying fashion at London's American Intercontinental University, became a California beach bunny at the tender age of 24 and now has tailored her life and style in the Big Apple. She's the girl, who loves flats and a pair of jeans, can't leave home without her lip gloss, and blushes over pink. But her day to day revolves around men.

Go behind the Seams with Editor-in-Chief of he Well Dressed Man, a men's "know it all, got it all" sight. See how this self proclaimed, "odd ball out", and lover of the male species, ditched her dream of being a forensic scientist after her first date with a sewing machine.

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love

"In life there are rules, the ones you can see, and the one's you can't see."
-Ben Wills

Name: Ben Wills
Profession: Editor-in-Chief / Wardrobe Consultant
Company Name:

Live In: New York

Favorite place to shop? (state/city) For me? I don't. Blame that on my mother and grandmother and their "department" store shopping on Sundays lol.

What was your biggest fashion faux paux? Wearing matching lime green sweatsuits to "Thunder Over Louisville" in high school with my best friend. Lawd have mercy!

Most memorable childhood outfit? Halloween. I was about 3. My mother and I sat on the porch with whatever we had on after we cut the pumpkin (that had a wig on). The only thing that mattered were my Daffy Duck sandals (my legs were crossed).

How would you describe the evolution of your style? Master transformation! I never wore a dress before college (unless it was Easter or church). I wore 2-piece sweatsuits (with creases...yes, don't judge me!), I sagged and wore white-on-white Reebok's. Yep, a very serious case of tomboy-dom. Now I know how to cross my legs properly
I love that? What sparked your change? Working at BCBG changed my perspective of when I was supposed to wear "those things". Once I changed the way I dressed they started talking to me. 

Favorite Shape? The shape of a Well Dressed Man (No, seriously!..) Have you ever just sat back and looked at a man? His shoulders? The perfect lines? If you haven't I suggest you try it. You will be pleased.

Favorite Flower? Lilly

If you had to wear one item, everyday for the rest of your life what would it be? A hoodie (it can be a college one or a new improved girly one. Doesn't matter as long as it has a hood)

Your personal style icon? Diana Ross...Circa Mahogany.

How old were you when you got your first pair of designer shoes? I'm still waiting...

Dresses or Jeans? In my head โ€“ Dresses (one day I'll get there) real life Jeans

Boots or Heels? Flats aren't an option?
For someone who knows tailoring and understands the art of dressing you'd still rather be in flats and jeans? Yep

Dine in or eat out? Dine in
Sunrise or Sunset? Sunset
Snow or Beach? Snow

A typical day of work? Rise before the rooster, research, write articles, research, write more articles, conference calls...all before 2pm. 3pm go out into the field and do market research, come home and continue researching and watch my stories, Y&R and General Hospital.

A perfect day? Me and the love of my life backpacking in Europe for two weeks enjoying its food, culture and dancing the native dances. I truly enjoy the wind that blows in my hair and freedom that comes with living.

I can't leave home without my? Lip gloss... 

What makes you stop and say thank you? My manners and grace

What's the best thing about your job? Testing men's products for product reviews! Why, IDK, because I can't use them! Haha. But its like Christmas when the packages come!

What's the best professional advice you've ever been given? By whom?
I asked one of my teachers, Mr. Tolbert what are the rules? How do I make it? He informed me that out of all his students, what I had been searching for was already inside of me. I do not think I had ever had someone tell me, without telling me, that there was nothing I could not do. I clearly took that and ran with it! Never second guessed myself again.

"What I know for sure is...." 
What I know for sure is that ambition is the car that has taken me around the world for this thing called opportunity (KY-ATL-London-Paris-Italy-ATL-LA- and now NYC).
Its true what the say about Carpe Diem; I lived by it before I ever knew there was a saying. Life for me is about being able to say I encountered moments, I lived.

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