ArtTalks: Part III #CountryChristmas

Me posing with "The Clinton 12" Memorial at the Green McAdoo Cultural Center

Who: EC and Moi
What: My Country Christmas Part III
Where: Clinton & Knoxville, TN

Not too far from his aunts house and where we were staying is Jarnigan Street. The Hayden family block, where Craig grew up, his mother and her siblings, and his grandparents. It was cool to put a picture to the stories he's shared with me. For the most part no one really lives in this area anymore.  

Just down the road and up the hill is the Green McAdoo elementary school, which has since become the memorial for the historic "Clinton 12". 

The now museum, operated by his Aunt Sue, commemorates the forced desegregation of Clinton High School in 1956 and the infamous twelve African American teens who took that walk for the first time, for the first semester, leading to the first integrated commencement. I learned that most of the students, along with parents, preachers, and the community gathered at Green McAdoo elementary and walked over to the high school together, on that day. Among the twelve celebrated children was Craig's oldest uncle, Ronald Gordon"Poochie" Hayden, his mother's oldest brother. 

My ah ha moments kept bringing me back to the differences between city and country. Which is natural because I have always lived in major cities. LA, DC, NY. If this museum were in any of the those places there would be security, and events, and lots of "lights". But here we have something so monumental to the movement of education, civil rights, and our countries history and it rests at the top of the hill, across the street from the quaint Methodist church, and right next to the renovated gym. Its simple, its genuine, its honest! That's the feeling I keep getting from Tennessee.

The Sunsphere (l.) my actual picture. (r.) how I see it in my mind, Bling!

In 1982 Knoxville played host to the World's Fair and this 266 ft. five store golden globe beauty was the chosen gem built to symbolize the fair. Gorgeous! 

So we turned the corner and saw this!

We drove back around, I got out of the car and found a man so mesmerized by the building he forgot to row and started sinking into the ground. 

"Sinking Man"
(located in front of a bank at the corner of Gay and Church Street. Downtown Knoxville, TN)

"A Startling Whirlwind of Opportunity" by Artist Alice Aycock

(located in the center of the University of Tennessee campus)
Although the weather wasn't too bad in TN, I did most of might seeing from the car. Either because it drizzled or by the time we made it to most of these places it was dark. This statue caught my attention as we drove through the open campus. It was peaking in between two buildings. We went back, and it was even better up close. 

this pic was from my phones standard camera

these are from the FX-Camera feature on my  phone.

So that wraps my journey through the country meadows of Clinton, Knoxille, and Nashville, TN.
I hope you enjoyed my re-cap as much I enjoyed sharing. View the links below for parts I & II, as well as the full photo gallery.

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love