Foodies: Maccaroni Grill

Who: Romano's Maccaroni Grill
What: Itialian Cuisine
Location: 12875Towne Center Drive, Cerritos, CA

When I moved back to Los Angeles I kept hearing about "Macaroni Grill". By the local reviews I received from family and friends I was anxious to assess their reports. It only took me about five years to finally get there!

Italian food is high on my list of favorites because it consists of several elements I consider to be a winning combination for flavor.
Sauce + Fresh herbs + Cheese = Winning! Pretty basic right, but the variance of actual ingredients are endless.

So lets get to the food. I've been thrwice. (Ha, i love using that word. Who ever says thrwice?!) Here's what we nibbled on over the course of our visits.

Fresh, out of the oven rosemary peasant bread.
We like ours with olive oil and lots of fresh cracked pepper.

Italian Tapas:
(above) Goat Cheese Pappadew Peppers
(below) Spicy Ricotta Meatballs
I'm not big on spicy flavors, but these were actually very tasty.

Grilled King Salmon with Mediterranean spices and sun-dried tomato orzo

Shrimp Portofino
Jumbo shrimp, capellini, spinach, mushrooms, pine nuts, lemon butter sauce

Momma Ricotta Meatball Spaghetti
beef, veal, & ricotta meatballs, romano, crushed red chile

(above) To cleanse our palette, white peach sorbet
(below) Quattro Canolli ricotta chocolate chip, grand marnier, candied orange, pistachio

At the table the waitress used a crayon to write out the specials. She left the crayon behind so we had a "left hand" writing contest. I won!


TotallyObsessed xoxo Love