What I Wore...To A Casual Dinner Party

p.s. I love the way my bun came out!!!

Who: Moi @ilovecollins
What: A casual dinner party
Wear: Vintage Dress w/ Handkerchief Hem, Wood/ Espedrille Wedges
Rating: I was going for comfy, and feminine.

Rarely do I aim for comfort when it comes to my "look". Although I have those few pieces in my closet that cause me to keep adjusting while wearing, overall most of my clothes no matter how high maintenance they may look are naturally comfortable on my body. What I mean is, I know what types of cuts, fabrics, etc work best for me. I always consider what I will be doing when I'm deciding what to wear.

People who can go all day in a classic button down shirt, I almost envy them. How do they do it? I don't know if its because of the proportion between my boobies and my waist that it just creates way to much movement. By thy time I am finished getting dressed and change purses its already time to re-iron. Please find me the nearest item with some stretch in it!

Totally Obsessed xoxo, Love

Vintage dress with handkerchief hem. I love the colors in this dress. Its a black and gold leaf print with a cream background. The tie straps allow me to adjust and play with the neckline both in the front of the dress and behind. I know I must have worn this dress a million times.