#NP: Beyonce +Vid

The November cover of Bazaar magazine

Artist: Beyonce
Song: Party ft. J.Cole
Album: 4
Lyric: Hey, hey, hey, hey!!!

If you saw my tweet yesterday then you already know how I feel about the J. Cole version of "Party" used for her single, rather than the album version featuring Andre3000. I was actually looking forward to seeing him not only back on camera, but I was also looking forward to seeing what type of dynamic they might have created. After seeing the video, which I love, I know for sure "The Love Below" crooner would have been a better match. But above all of that his verse was just better! 

Ok just one more thing... My main beef is that I felt they bubble-gummed it up by adding J.Cole. He's a youngin and this track has a grown up groove to it. Having Bey, Kanye, and Andre3000 all together I thought, kept kept it funky. 

Everyone loves a good house party, I know I do. Some o my fondest soirees have happened in the living rooms of a many Brooklyn apartments. A few close good friends + good food + good music = its a party.
Even pregnant Beyonce is not giving room for anyone else to shine.  Count on Bey, and Ty (her stylist, and no I do not know them personally, hehee) to give us a myriad of trailer park backyard plastic pool glamour. Fun eighties trends and dance moves pop up all over this video. The hot pink fanny pack and Solange's pom-pom hair balls are my faves. Kelly Rowland, designers Coco & Breezy, rapper Theophillus london, and of course her babysistah DJ'd. 
Very interested in what you guys think about the video, the collaboration, my thoughts. 

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love