Foodies: The Counter

The children did that. LOL!

Who: The Counter: Custom Built Burgers
What: Burgers and stuff!

Location: 7919 Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90046

What I Ordered: A turkey burger, 1/2 of a wheat bun, cranberries, avocado, gruyere cheese, a pinch of mustard, and ginger soy glaze on the side for a little kick. Excited by my mouth watering selection I forgot to take a pic! 

The Counter was definitely a treat. The cool relaxed atmosphere, casual decorum, and the delicious scrumptious mouthwatering food... perfect! I am in no way a burger connoisseur, but at any point if you give me the opportunity to customize a flavor palette, I can pull out my inner chef. I am big on flavor and I love a good sauce. I like rich flavors that keep my taste buds watering and panting for more more more. That's exactly what I created in my burger the first time I went and even in my second experience. 

For my second ride on this fantastic voyage I opted for the chicken breast sandwich, whole wheat bun, basil pesto spread, dried cranberries, carrot springs, grilled onions, and gruyere cheese. I hope it sounds as tempting as it tasted.

A burger one of the kids ordered. 
It's the type of place that would actually make me anticipate having a burger. Find locations in most major US cities, and randomly in Ireland. If you haven't you should definitely check it out. If  you've had the opportunity to experience I hope you were just as satisfied. Either way I'd love too hear about it. If you happen to plan a trip to LA and want to check it out, I'm availablle. There are still a few combinations I want to put together, 

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love

Classic cheeseburger amplified with a a roasted corn and black bean salsa. 
P.s. Those grilled veggies are delicious

Need a little ruffage in you system?! You can have your custom burger in a bowl. 

You get the point!
Sweet potatoe fries

 Crispy onion shoestrings

I'm going for the sliders next time.