Schulzies Bread Pudding 108 Flavors

Who: Schulzies
What: Bread pudding
Wear: 108 Flavors
Rating: Bread pudding just got a makeover.

Bread pudding just got a major makeover, its more flavorful, creamier, and served chilled and scooped just like ice cream! 

Usually bread pudding is warm, doughy, and unimaginative. But this timeless heart warming desserts traditional recipe has been thrown out of the window.  Enter Sarah Schulz, the mastermind behind Schulzies Bead Pudding. She’s managed to muster all of her culinary passions into this carbtastic dessert and has struck gold. 

Her spin on this classic uses an extra-ordinary union of fruits, spices, seasonings, and liqueurs to create 108 successful succulent flavors, served chilled! Scooped and served like -ice cream. Schulzies boasts tantalizing flavors such as Millie Vanillie Bean, Boom Boom Banana, Pink Lemonade Parade, oh so citrus Jalapeno, and Fine Cherry Lime. Is your mouth watering yet? You can pick up your scoop at its bread pudding and coffee shop on Venice Beach. Or catch- up with the mobile cart that runs up and down the side walks. Happy Eating!

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love