Oh Lucienne!

Who: Rajni Lucienne Jacques (Oui, 'ai eu a mettre votre nom au complet) 
What: Style Influencer
Wear: Gilt Group & Rent the Runway
Rating: Pint-sized pretty!

Who has an exclusive sale on Gilt Group and rent the Runway? Madame Lucienne

By day she's an editor for Glamour magazine and by night a DJ for the fashion set. Her style is a mix of   fashion glamour, vintage, and Parisian boho. Her denim and heels are stacked high, and with the labels that most girls covet. Congrats raj, so proud of you!

Caribbean themed house warming party, 2004

For our house warming party in New York we used Raj's salmon colored pixie floral print shabby chic room as the DJ's booth. Then, a PR director for Christian Louboutin and a graduate student at Columbia, I was a Window Display designer at H&M and going to F.I.T. While it seems like so long ago, these pics take me right back. Good times!

The Roomies!! 
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Gotta love that buttery brown summer skin, talk about golden girls.

Totally obsessed, xoxo Love