#NP: Michael Jackson + Vid Day #5

Artist: The Jackson's

Song: Can You Feel It
Album: Triumph
Lyric: "But the stars do shine, in promising salvation is near this time, can you feel it now" 

Written by Michael and Jackie Jackson, Can You Feel It" was released in 1980 on the Jackson's Triumph album. 

Only making to the #77 spot on the US Billboard charts this song did farely well over seas. Not until years later during he 20th anniversary for MTV was the video recognized as one of the top 100 videos of all time. 

Michael produced the videos concept and was shot and produced by Robert Abel and Associates. it was at the time noted for its fancy shmancy special effects. So interesting how far technology has come. Enjoy!

I hoped you've enjoyed the #NP list in celebration of Michael Jackson's body of work and recognition of his bday! Want to see more of the pics that I found visit the Facebook gallery I created here.