#NP: Carl Thomas+Vid

Artist: Carl Thomas
Song: Thought You Should Know
Album: So Much Better
Lyric: "You're my inspiration to my love making, a lover and a friend, a woman that I turn to time and time again, and I just thought you should know"

So my friends and I have this thing called "Denial Artist". Basically its the artist whose music, voice, etc. holds a special place in your heart but isn't making music anymore or perhaps is still making music and it just... well... lets just say you love it. :)

Enter in my crooner Carl Thomas. The brother is smooth if you ask me. He has his own station on my Pandora and it jams! Check out this song, its good grown up R&B, just like I like it. No fluff, just sanging.

Who's your denial artist?

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love

P.s. there will be more!