Nordstrom Treasure & Bond

Who: Nordstrom
What: Concept Charity Store Treasure & Bond
Rating: Nordstrom hits Manhattan, kinda...

I was raised in and on Nordstrom! My grandmother worked as a manager for seventeen years, I worked their for five years, and my older sister for a few years herself. If you are familiar with the Seattle based chain you know they are uber-conservative and a stickler about customer service. For this and so many other of its business practices shopping at Nordstrom was an experience.

From the valet parking, the cafe, which my grandmother cooked in every holiday season, and the personal shopping experience just didn't seem to fit the aggressive liberal NYC shopper. But its true, Nordstrom has found real estate in the city and has moved into Soho.

But don't go looking for the trademarked Norsdtrom marquee because you won't find it. Called Treasure & Bond, this concept store bears no similarities to its father brand. Its a tenth of the size of a typical Nordstrom department store and in fact the profits are not contributed to its bottom line, but have been committed to charity.

No secret that the... chain has been flirting with the idea of a move to New York, as of now it only hosts a Nordstrom Rack in the city. Treasure & Bond will be a full priced store featuring brands that speak to the younger creative sister of their "perfectly coiffed cardigan shoper", says a NY Times Style writer. The brands are funkier, dgier, and more exciting.

While other brands have tried pop up shops to test the city waters Treasure & Bond is here to stay. Retail analysts have dubbed this a sensible approach before opening a full fledged department store.

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