Foodies: Cannoli's Please

Who: Foggia's Italian Market & Deli
What: Fresh Cannoli's
Wear: A smile and a few extra calories.
Rating: Rich and creamy with a flaky crunch.

Of all the years I lived in NY and all the food I explored the cannoli was never crossed off my list.
This week I happened to hit up Foggia's Italian Market & Deli in Lakewood for some super fresh super homemade ravioli. (It, along with the piping hot garlic-ee garlic bread, is jammin!)

Excited to taste that whipped cream with chocolate chips, I stuck my fingers in it before snapping the photo.

So, what say I? I enjoyed it, I have nothing to reference it to since it was my first go round. I dig the balance in texture. For me its a must because some creamy whipped textures give me the creeps! The chocolate chips were a plus.

What say you? Have you ever indulged in this Italian classic? What do you look for in a good cannoli?

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love