A Dozen Roses

Who: A Dozen Roses
What: A new Collection of Perfumes
Wear: Gold Rush
Rating: The scent of rose at its core.

I have to admit I write about perfume because of the packaging. Seriously, my first interest is its bottle, and this one does not fall short of that. You already know I'm a sucker for gold, and I love the contrast of the dark black glass, its gorgeous. 

But let's chat about what's inside. A Dozen Roses is a new niche line that has launched a trio of eau de parfums for women exploring a modern interpretation of the rose. Each of the three complex scents surround the pure rose at its core layered with notes that identifies the brands passion for roses, art, and perfumery. 

Gold Rush (above) is an intoxicating combination of blackberry, neroli, and ylang ylang layered with the richness of bittersweet chocolate, ebony woods, and the signature rose absolut. This scent is rich, wild, and sexy. 
The second of the trio is Iced White, a bright white flash of white peony, white primrose, and osmanthus. Its cooled down with vanilla, white musk, and at the center a fresh white rose and A Dozen Roses' signature rose absolut. "Its icy, edgy, effervescent."

Shakespeare In Love is a pure lasting romance! Warm, wonderful, memorable. A Dozen Roses Shakespeare In Love hugs you with jasmine, gardenia, and a fresh pear that blend to creamy woods and vanilla. At the heart of the scent is the luxury brands signature rose absolut.

A dozen Roses frangrance collection is available at Neiman Marcus, $95 each for 100ml Eau de Parfum

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love