Everything Must Go, But Its So Hard To Say Goodbye

The Pink Caddillac- SOLD!

Who: @daisylewellyn
What: Yard Sale
Wear: Friends + Food + Fun
Rating: Good Times

So in New York instead of a yard sale they have stoop sales. One bright sunny Sunday morning Daisy and I, while living in New York, decided after church we would host our very own sale.

It was a great idea! An opportunity to make some cash and get rid of a few unused goods. Piece of cake.

Once we laid out the small furnishings, nik naks,  and clothes we wanted to get rid of we realized one small little problem, "Who was going to be the person to stand outside in the New York summer sun and sell this stuff?" Not us, it was time for brunch and a nap!

Our stoop sale quickly turned into a curb side give away from the second floor window in my bedroom. We literally were trying to convince people to take the stuff so we wouldn't have to go back downstairs, pack it up, and bring it back inside. Oh memories!

So here we are years later in Los Angeles and at again. This time Daze is pretty much giving away everything. With so many lessons learned this sale was a great success and tons of fun. Use this formula, Food + Friends + Fun,  for your next yard or stoop sale. Add some mood music, for us, Beyonce 4 on shuffle and repeat of course. If your sale extends indoors, open windows for great natural light and fresh crisp breeze.

I snapped a few pics from two of the four day sale.

Totally obsessed xoxo Love
Happy snacking, happy shoppers! Offer shoppers a variety of delicious bites and display them in an inviting way. 

Invite friends who know a good treasure when they see one. 

Offer some shopping incentives to friends who help organize and work the sale.

 No matter what project, keep a few young eager eyes around for energy, spend a little quality time and its always a good time for teaching. (plus they can lift and carry!!!)

View the full gallery here.

What are some "oops" and "ah ha" moments from your yard/ stoop sales?