Preston Smiles Davis Model Behavior

Who: Preston Davis
What: Model/ Actor
Wear: Another Year To Celebrate
Rating: Happy Birthday Pres!!!

You can catch this birthday boy on national Subway and Pac Sun commercials. He's made several appearances on Entourage, Buppies, The Sopranos, and the highly anticipated Milk & Honey series. But  on any given day you may catch him on venice beach giving surfing lessons or cruising through the neighborhood on his Vespa. 

Preston has been best friends with a cousin of mine since we were kids and its still crazy but always awesome to see him do so many great things. Versatile to say the least his packed resume is punctuated with quirky skills like "The Robot" for styles of dance, to Jamaican, British, and Bronx accents. 

Happy birthday again Pres, and so many more. Make it a great one, love ya, Muah!!!

Totally Obsessed xoxo, Love