#NP Michael Jackson + Vid Day #2

Artist: Michael Jackson
Song: You Can't Win
Album: Motion Picture "The Wiz"
Lyric: "You can't win chile and ya can't get out of the game!"

 This film is so relevant to fashion, film, music, and culture. The level of creativity from all genres solidifies its iconic, classic, and legendary authority as one of the greatest cinematic musicals.

Michael Jackson was still so fine! When he belted out "You can't win," on that scare crow pole you can just feel the soul in his voice. Some people have "it" and some don't.

To me that "it" factor is the ability to move people emotionally through whatever your respective creative outlet is. Through music, film, fashion, dance, the ability to communicate with  your audience emotionally and they to receive "it". Yeah, you've got it!

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love

The Cast 
above in character
below out of character

the boss and her baby!