#NP: Bette Midler + Vid

Art: Bette Midler
Song: I Think Its Gonna Rain Today
Album: Beaches the Movie Soundtrack
Rating: "... Human kindness is overflowing and i think its gonna rain today!

J'adore this movie! I do, I do. I know all the songs and lines. Every time I watch it I fall in love with it more and more. Bette Midler, the jubilant cynical entertainer, and Barbara Hershey, the privileged rich debutante, star in this tale of a life long friendship. Hershey's character, Hillary Whitney essex, battles a disease but eventually it becomes fatal. At the end of the movie this is the song Cecilia CC' Carol Bloom (Midler), sings as Hershey's daughter, Victoria Cecilia (love that name), stands off stage watching. Tear jerker for sure! 

Did you peep those pretty strawberry curls?! All Love