"I Want That Purple Stuff"

Who: Brandon Broussard
What: @PurpleStuffTV/ purplestufftv.com
Wear: A Dream Come True
Rating: Laughter is good for the soul...so L.O.L and save your soul!

Often I receive a post in my twitter timeline that says, "What if Jesus had his own reality show?" From the creative mind of fellow Bison, Brandon Broussard grabbed some well educated, talented, and witty friends, school mates, a sibling, and a few colleague's to create a team of straight nuts! The result, the next era of sketch comedy. That's Hot.

What Saturday Night Live, In Living Color, and The Chapelle Show have done for our past generations and the way we laugh, Purple Stuff TV is doing right now! In its third season, new episodes premiere on you tube, and global grind weekly. The Purple Stuff crew have set a goal to take the web series to television and are determined to do so, while laughing along the way.

Much like those great sketch comedies Purple Stuff TV is poised to be the next step in the evolution of great sketch shows.

"In order to get the success that we dream of and to be on TV we are going to have to outwork everyone else that is out there doing this." - Brandon Broussard

Broussard Stats: @BrandonQreative
  • Hometown: Houston,Texas
  • Education: Howard University, Bill Cosby Screenwriting Program at USC
  • TV Credits: Tyler Perry's House of Payne and Meet the Browns
  • 2004 won at the Black Filmmakers Hall of Fame in San Francisco and The Pan African Film Festival for first screenplay "The Epicureans"
  • 2008 Started "Barack The Vote" t-shirt line sold 50,000 units and did almost $1million in sales
  • 2008 Launched Purple Stuff TV
  • Received financial backing from Gallery Road Productions
  • Global Grind premieres Purple Stuff TV on site
  • Purple Stuff TV is now in its 4th season and has been given the opportunity to shoot two pilots.