Historic Crenshaw is Getting Upgraded

(my new Avi pic @ilovecollins taken at the BHCPLive)

What: Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza Redevelopment Project
Where: Its in the neighborhood
Rating: Live music is always a good time.

Its very cool that the time is being taken to redevelop the historic Crenshaw district. Namely the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza and the now Rave Cinema. I lived up the street from this mall between the ages of 7-16, so my days of roaming the streets and spending a countless amount of hours with friends window shopping happened within the radius of King, Crenshaw, and Stocker.

Of what we can call LA culture this area has given us cruising low riders, movies (Boyz in the Hood and Thin Line Between Love and Hate), The Incense Man, that guy that dances really hard on the corner listening to his head phones... you get the idea. While these aren't the greatest of memories its what's going on over there.

So if the city, the community, or even residents can muster up the backing and support to redevelop its appearance and activities, I'm in. I had a good time at the free concert series BHCPLive. I was able to catch the opening night. The set-up was very inviting and cozy. There were lots of families, a great mix of people in the crowd.

While the interior of the mall is still very much under construction its still open for business.

Totally Obsessed xoxo, Love

@weareKingmusic performing at the BHCPlive. 

babysistah (@elstylesla) getting interviewed

Goapele performing.

The Set-up. it was very cozy, love these lights. 

Southern Girl Desserts were in the house!!!