Book Fetish: Common Makes Sense

Who: Common
What: Book "One day It Will All Make Sense
Wear: Fatherhood, Music, Acting, Poetry, Writer
Rating: Heavy!!

Had I recognized who he was when I met him, I might have said something like, "hello handsome", in my throwback black and white old hollywood voice. Introduced as, Ra (for Rashid), I said, "Hey how ya doing, nice to meet you", and kept it pushing as I rushed out of his then Fort Green town home to catch my car service in Brooklyn. Oh well!

Lonnie Rashid Lynn Jr., a native of Chicago, is set to release his second book, One Day it will All Make Sense. Filled with adventures through his journey as a conscious love lyricist, accomplished actor, poet, and father. Now 40 years young, Common's career has handsomely matured just as he has. The fact that he's so fine doesn't hurt either.

Nope, not one bit!

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love