#NP: Jay-Z Kanye West & Riccardo Tisci Collaborate

Who: Jay-Z, Kanye West, & Riccardo Tisci
What: Music and fashion collaborate

What do a mogul, a rebel, and a fashion designer have in common? Watch the Throne, the new and highly anticipated forthcoming collaboration effort of Jay-Z and Kanye West. Givenchy Creative Director Riccardo Tisci has been enlisted to design the cover artwork. Beautiful as it is with its soft gold tone is heavy with imagery. It would be fabulous in a embossed suede texture.

H.A.M the first single from Watch the Throne
Art Direction by Riccardo Tisci

It seems that the RocNation owner just can't stay away from the studio. First hearing some of Kanye's lyrics to a song written for their unborn sons at New York's Museum of Modern Art, Jay says, "I told him [Kanye] I wasn't going to get on it. The honesty of it, its just so cool". Adding that he thought Kanye's verse running down his past mistakes  was his best ever. Frank Ocean and Mrs. Carter, Beyonce, are the only guests set to appear on the album. With no definite release date set, Jay-Z told MTV News that, "fans would hear it soon".

Two versions of the CD will be available - a standard CD with 10 songs for $13.99 and the deluxe version for $16.99 with special packaging and four bonus tracks.