Foodies: Farmers Market

Who: Farmers Market
Where: Crenshaw and Stocker parking Lot of the Crenshaw Plaza (Weekends 9-4)
Rating: Its in the neighborhood
Ever since my days at Howard and living in New York I've grown accustomed to shopping fresh produce at farmers markets. Great on so many levels, they support farmers, small businesses, and there is always some treasure to discover.

Since the first time I visited this particular one they've increased in the number of vendors which is always good to see. I like to get the kale salad with pine nuts. Its dressed with a mango olive oil goodness, you have to get their early for that one because it sells out. Stop by if you can.

I always get the goat cheese with sundried tomatoes & garlic. its great for salads, sauteed veggies, and anything in a tortilla, trust me! They also carry olives, tapenades, and a garlic spread that is amazing. 

Avocado Oil
There's lots of info at this booth but its worth the samples
Homeboy Salsa & Chips
Jobs or Jails @

Bolani East & West Gourmet Afghan Food
These are so good!