Foodies: Just Say No To Diet Coke

Ahhh, Diet Coke, how I loved thee, let me count the ways. 

So I have been trying to knock down a few pounds for the summer. Sugar and carbohydrates being a friend to my heart and a foe to my waistline I needed some alternative to satisfy my major cravings. Never really big on sodas I'd much rather splurge on cookies, popcorn, and a fresh bag of lays, plain or ruffles work for me.  But Oh, what a friend I found in that pretty little diet coke can until one day I came across a tag line that said "Worst food for that beach body". Much to my chagrin #5 on the list was Diet Coke.

While she is packaged well and the sound of that first crack on the can is mouth watering, don't be fooled. I'm not saying never have a diet coke again, I can't even promise that I won't. But I am warning you against the artificial sweetener Aspartame. Finding out that it can keep me from knocking off some pounds and ruin this perfectly moisturized, weekly exfoliated skin that I work so diligently to preserve. No thanks,  I'll have a glass of water no ice, and a lime please! I'm taking back my waistline... who's with me!

for more info on this sneaky little ingredient:
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