#NP: Prince Charming, in Sequins and Gold Honey!!

As you all know I have been raving about the Prince "Welcome to America Tour: A 21 Night Stand" at the Los Angeles Forum. It is a must see and a great way to start off a live music filled summer.

I get a rush from the dramatic stage designs, the lights, all of that base vibrating through my bones, there's just nothing like good live music.

At 52, Prince looks amazing and sounds amazing! I am a firm believer that if you are going to be on stage, somethings got to sparkle. Of course the Purple Rain King did not let me down.  Although the metallic sequined tunic with matching fitted pants and light-up while strut pumps were beautiful, I felt a bit confused. As I sang along to the music and pretended that some of the lyrics were written for me, I couldn't help but feel drawn into his deep masculine voice and mannerisms. Emotionally I couldn't figure out my position. Did I want him singing to me, or did I want him to give me his outfit! HA, I would take either one,  both were fabulous.

Winding down to its last weekend, if you're able nab a ticket and expect the unexpected. Although the show I caught didn't feature an opening act we were treated to six encores and cameos by Gwen Stefani and legendary drummer Sheila E. Who might I add stood the entire time in 6"stacked heels. Other nights have featured opening acts from greats like Whitney Houston, Chaka Khan, and Mint Condition, to new comers like Janelle Monae. It is a must, must see. To all the music heads around LA, enjoy.

Totally Obsessed, xoxo Love