The Birth of #HauteGiving

On the OWN network there is a new docu-series called "Blackboard Wars". Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, cameras follow a charter school company, its principal, new staff, students, and a few disgruntled neighborhood residents. The conflict lies between faculty and student body, faculty and the community, and over all changing the statistics and stereotype's of one of our countries most challenging schools. The story-line is chalked with sad stories of violence, drugs, inadequate parent child relationships, and of course teen pregnancy....

About the third or fourth episode the school begins preparations for the senior prom. Two of the students profiled include a teenage couple who are seniors. The young lady is returning to school after giving birth to their first child. We see her meeting with the school counselor, who reminds me alot of 80's rapper Yo-Yo! The counselor, is feminine and ladylike. always appropriately dressed, professional, and has made it her priority to ensure this young lady does not drop out of school do to her present circumstance. Amidst their latest counseling session she asks were her and her boyfriend going to attend the senior prom. The young lady, always with a smile on her face, says no because she had to use her money to prepare for the baby.  so the counselor takes her to purchase a dress, accessories, bag, and shoes. Her first time in heels, we see them walking strutting back and forth in the boutique in stacked lime green suede pumps. Werk!!!

Of course I am balling at this point. I was overwhelmed with compassion and filled with so much joy for her. SOMETHING, you already know, on the inside was telling me this is what I have
to do. My "Aha" moment. I love the world of fabric, color, beauty, fashion and this a society where everyone wants some part of this industry. For some it may seem inaccessible, to others intimidating.  As sure as I am about making beautiful clothes is as sure as I am that I have to give them away.

I do realize that I don't just make clothes and this won't just be about giving a few dresses away. It is however always about sharing my spirit. Sharing what was placed on the inside of me as a gift, as a means of creativity, as a means of living. Sharing that in order to make someone else feel special.. feel loved. Just in case you didn't know, this thing is about LOVE. And in the words of Mary J. Blige, "Share My World"!

Totally Obsessed xoxo Love

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Our first event will take place Sunday April 21, 2013. We have partnered with 
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I am inviting every shoe shopper, bag collector, brooche wearing, gown twirling, blazer sporting fashionista who collects, craves, and hoards to participate in giving someone else a taste of what we get to experience all the time. 
Become a Style Ambassador by donating:

1. Dresses (Prom/ after prom/ cocktail/ party dresses) 
all sizes/ other clothing items welcomed
2. Shoes
3. Accessories
4. Bags/ Clutches

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